Additional Information

You will need to make a deposit of one weeks rent an our online payment  page

Once the payment has been completed we will email you an invoice confirming your reservation. 

Your rental payments: We need to be advised 2 weeks in advance if your accommodation is being paid by you, the school or an agent. 

Refund of rent: If your rent has been paid in advance we will not refund your rent. 

Rental payments in advance in cash on check-in: 

 • 4 weeks rent 

 • Departure cleaning fee of $30.00 per person.


Please note: You have the option of paying the full amount or 2 cash installments, Example: one payment on arrival and the final payment the next day.

Credit card: We do not provide credit card facilities. You can withdraw money using an ATM money machine close by.


We charge weekly rates, NO nightly rates. 

Please note: Minimum stay is four weeks


Rent increase:

  • Is once a year, we advise you, the school or your agent.
  • To new clients please contact us in regards to commission or placement fees.